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Are you passionate about Diversity in STEM?


Make a bold commitment and actively contribute to the NWTEI Community!  Join in our mission to help pave the way for underrepresented minorities and women in high-tech careers. When great minds and open hearts come together collaboratively, we achieve measurable impact toward our goals to diversify STEM career paths.


Learn more about NWTEI membership below!

We offer free membership to underrepresented minorities and women seeking employment in STEM fields

Open membership for students of all ages and stages of learning 

(valid student ID/status required)

Professional memberships

of all ages and experience levels

(community donation)

NWTEI offers tailored memberships for organizations of all types and sizes.

Public Entities, Non-Profits and NGOs

Entrepreneurs and

Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses


NWTEI intends to submit an application for tax-exempt status as a public charity with the Internal Revenue Service this year.  Please be aware that it could take six months or even longer from the date the NWTEI’s application is submitted to the Internal Revenue Service to receive a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service as to whether or not the NWTEI qualifies as a public charity.  NWTEI cannot speculate as to whether the Internal Revenue Service will issue a favorable determination letter that NWTEI qualifies as a public charity.  If the Internal Revenue Service issues a favorable determination letter, public charity status will be retroactive to when NWTEI was first incorporated (March 8, 2015).  We will notify donors when we receive a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service.  If you have questions, please consult your personal tax advisor.

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