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Community Development


We Amplify Diversity in STEM through:

  • industry research and development and the design of systems-based transformation models

  • consultation of corporations, educational institutions, and public entities seeking to inspire inclusive environments

  • industry partnerships with training facilitators and peer non-profits/NGOs

  • regional community mobilization and memberships, both for individuals and organizations

  • our NWTEI Ambassador program, through which employees and corporate resource/affinity groups
    serve as workplace advocates of our mission

  • collaborative creation of engaging, inspirational, educational content and immersive experiences

  • promotion of STEM career training and job opportunities

  • Ambassador/student partnership and mentoring program

  • scholarships for STEM education and training, both youth and adult learning

  • hosting industry conferences and special events


Our Ambassador Program inspires current STEM professionals to engage and advocate the NWTEI Mission by Amplifying Diversity throughout their respective organizations.  We cultivate reciprocal relationships with passionate change leaders to serve as evangelists for greater awareness and inclusion initiatives.  Our community of Ambassadors also connects to share collective insights, experiences, and best practices.  Together, we will achieve our shared goals for paving a thriving career path for underrepresented minorities and women in STEM fields.

Want to get involved? 


Are you passionate about Amplifying Diversity in STEM?


We hope you will join us in our efforts to help pave the way for underrepresented minorities to high-tech careers. When great minds and big hearts come together, we can collaborate to take measurable action to see that our goals to diversify high-tech fields can be achieved. Follow the links below for more information.

NWTEI partners with industry leaders that share in a similar

mission for increasing awareness and impact of diversity in STEM.  In partnership, your organization gains increased visibility and contributes collaborative impact throughout all of our programs and initiatives.  We further showcase the efforts and leadership of our partners through NWTEI events, industry campaigns, and community content.

Connect with us to learn more about collaborating with NWTEI.

From private speaking events to fundraising galas, NWTEI collaborates with our partners and industry leaders to organize conferences and special events to serve as catalysts in amplifying diversity in STEM. Our events are great places to connect with other organizations and individuals passionate about diversity in high-tech fields.


Follow the link below for more information!


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