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amplifying diversity in STEM

Northwest Technology Equity Initiative

Our Purpose:  Amplifying Diversity in STEM


We serve the greater Pacific Northwest region through our

mission – Deepening corporate and community engagement

to increase education, training, and career opportunities for underrepresented communities, women and girls, and youth of color within STEM and high-technology fields.

The Pacific Northwest is known as the “Silicon Forest” of technology and innovation, yet most companies have not achieved equitable representation of women and underrepresented minorities in general employment and vendor contracts, as well as in top levels of leadership. The Seattle region is the birthplace of Microsoft, Boeing, the University of Washington, Amazon, RealNetworks, Expedia, The Gates Foundation, world-class medical facilities, many biotechnology companies, and numerous technology and Internet “start-ups.”  


High-tech companies have not been able keep pace with the demand and competitive landscape for qualified workers, with 250 new STEM jobs created every month in Washington state going unfilled – the majority of which start with high compensation rates.  Moreover, there are job opportunities for ancillary positions and vendor contracts (marketing, legal, operations, etc...) that should be made equally accessible to companies owned by women and underrepresented minorities. 


Many corporations believe that the pipeline for STEM employment lacks qualified prospects from underrepresented groups.  Yet, in turn, numerous qualified, diverse candidates find it difficult to navigate the application process and job interviews within hiring organizations.  Formal education is not the only means to fill this gap in specialized training.  Private sector investment and ongoing commitments for training and scholarships are necessary to spark inclusivity in STEM fields.

NWTEI has established imperative objectives to Amplify Diversity in STEM, and we are mobilizing our local

communities in order to help us achieve greater impact.  We affect systems transformation in collaboration with communities and individuals, progressive corporations, industry training partners, and academic institutions to raise awareness and take measurable action on issues regarding underrepresented minorities and women in STEM sectors. 


We believe that an organization's staff should reflect the unique diversity of the communities in which they operate and serve.  NWTEI develops collaborative solutions to accelerate the pipeline between qualified diverse prospects and the realization of inclusive high-tech careers.

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